In the 1970's one of the Viking orbiters took a photo of a mesa on Mars that looked quite a lot like a face. Since then we've captured much higher resolution images as well as elevation data.

Curious? Check out the Face in 3D, then fly over it. There are some markers here and there along the way for you to find.

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How'd we do it?

Other 3D models on this site were created with MOLA data. But the face is too small for that: Instead, the elevation data for this model was calculated from images by Malin Space Systems. They took different images of the face and used the shading of the light to determine slopes, and from that elevation. With that elevation data we can create a 3D model of the face.

Next, we drape onto the model a high resolution overhead image of the Face from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft. Combined, these let you explore the Face in 3D.

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The Malin Space Systems press release on the Face.

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