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The Family Guide to Mars includes an innovative collection of puzzles, pictures, poetry, and projects, all designed to stimulate enjoyable co-learning experiences between kids aged 6-12 and the caring adults in their lives. The Guide is useful for science centers, planetariums, and after-school programs. It is also of interest to classroom teachers in helping to engage student interest at the start of standards-based lesson plans.

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Classroom Activities      
These five activities are engaging ways to integrate the topic of Mars into your classroom. They (a) cover topics relevant to Mars and the rover missions, (b) work well as "stand-alone" activities that do not depend on one another, and (c) enhance topics often found in many science programs.

The Digital Library for Earth System Education is a free service that helps educators and learners at all levels find valuable, online resources for teaching and learning. DLESE is supported by the National Science Foundation and is being built by educators, students, and scientists. Find resources about Mars: general resources, canyons, craters, floods and water, life and colonization, rovers, time, distance, and relative sizes, and volcanoes.

Views of Mars Surface Features Ground Views Misc. Image Sets
Map of Mars
Mars Globes

Topographic map
3D Mars
Interactive surface map
Images of surface features
Gallery of surface features
Search by surface feature
Features by Lat/Lon.
Pathfinder lander
Viking Landers
Surface Views
Landing site selection
Latest pictures from Mars
Daily Mars image
Controversial features
Surface Roughness

General Image Sets Background Missions to Mars Mars in the News
Mars thumbnails
Planetary photojournal
Natl Space Sci Data Center
JPL Picture Archive
JPL Mars homepage
Mars library
Mars overview
Mars Tour
Mars science goals
Facts and FAQ's
Overviews & histories
Other Mars Web links
JPL Mars mission page
Goddard Mars mission page
JPL press releases
JPL Newsroom
Mars spotlight
NASA news center
Mars position today

Mars Education Life on Mars??? Learning activities at DLESE  
Imagine Mars
Fun Zone
Design a mission to Mars
Classroom resources
Classroom activities
Mars curriculum modules
MarsQuest exhibit
Search for life resources
Life on Mars?
Search for life on Mars
Search for life history
Exobiology strategy

Origin & evolution of life
Mars meteorite page
Mars meteorite images


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